I’m a lucky girl… thanks my parents :)

From: Hoang, Hoang
Sent: Tuesday, November 11, 2008 10:03 PM
To: Vietnam Users
Cc: Nguyen, Dong (Software)
Subject: What I’ve Seen on Saturday….


Trang, Lan, c.Hoa, c.Hien, c.Nguyet Anh, a.Mai Hai, Vinh Nguyen, Duoc, Thang Tran have joined me for a 2hrs drive, due to adverse flooding condition, to Ba Vi and visited the Center for the Elderly and Retarded/Deformed Children this past Saturday, Nov 8. What I’ve seen during this visit:

– People who are too old to work, to weak to take care of themselves and too much of a burden to live with others

– Children who were abandoned by their parents

– Children who are too deformed to learn, to think, to take care of themselves and to live a normal life like most other children in the world

– An 11-month old girl who are too weak and fragile to live

– Children who are too sick to live much longer

– A 12 years old boy who is very smart, however, due to under nourishment he looks more like a 9 yrs old kid. He was an abandoned kid with an adopted name of To Chan Phong

– A who were born blind

The cost to live for an elderly at this center is 300k VND/month and 350k VND/month for a child. Attached are some photos that I’d like to share with you all….

It was a very sad experience and I was thinking…. Those children never have a “fighting chance” to make the most of their lives. They don’t have what we have and we sometimes take things for granted. What we have today are the gifts given by our parents/acestors and others. Aren’t we so much luckier than those folks?!? Should we make the most, and give the best, of what we have?!?

On behalf of those unfortunate souls, I thank you the whole team and a.Dong for your generous donations. You’ve done a very good deed….



They are need your help so much if you want to do more for them. This is only a small thing that our company (Novellus Viet Nam) can do and we hope they will receive more your care and your kind. Thanks for all of you. 🙂


~ by ngadt on November 12, 2008.

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