Sunny Sunday with my friends

Go out…



Take photograph and have a good time with them…That’s the best things which I had when went out with them ( my friends group). They are so lovely, funny and sometime crazy like me… :)) … 

And did whatever I want with my hobbies

That time was so peaceful, happy and great … 

And I hope I can have lots of time like that with them… Sometime go out like that, I feel relax and  happy, can laugh in my way, can say what I think and do a thing like the way I like without be claim by anyone. As they are my good friends who always make me smile, don’t make me lonely and I’m proud of them… I’m not lonely…I know, I’m a happy girl, I’m a rich girl who has the biggest fortune, it’s friendship… A friend indeed is a friend in need! I have nothing to say with you except “Thanks for being my friends and help me when I need your help” … I love all of you 🙂



~ by ngadt on March 23, 2008.

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