Huong Pagoda

Huong’s pagoda trip in new year 😉

On sunday morning, a beautiful day with full of sunlight, wind and weather’s cool, our company had come to visit Huong pagoda. We had a wonderful day, came to see Thien Chu pagoda, Den Trinh, went on Yen stream by boat… all these belong to Huong pagoda and of course could not go to Huong Tich cave…but so crowded, we had to wait a long time when came to cave…

I thought this is the first time I went to Huong pagoda when it was crowded like this reason. But all the people in tour also didn’t feel tire, smile full of that day with funny story, sight seeing, people and so on… Some people felt happy that they stand on the boat and took photograph, so funny… If you come to our team, I think you can’t forget us as we are the funny, smart, lovely and crazy mens and women…always work and play with heart and joys! Welcome to our team, I’m sure u will love us :))

mapHuong’s pagoda sight seeing 🙂


All of them… look like attractive, lovely and smart except me 😀 …they are my colleague now.


Say “Hi everybody! Wellcome to Huong pagoda :), I’m in Bến Đục on Yến stream”. This is a pic which I like best as it’s very funny, a little stupid and of course I thinks it’s better than another :))”

2 everybody

And this is the richest girl in our group, she has 2 smart, handsome and lovely man beside for services… :D… They are in my team and they proud of me so much =)) :)) ( just funny, but it’s real… =)) ) Of course when I say this they will see me and said “Who u are? You are so funny about this thing” I know this but I still said that…this is my site… 😀


And here… Can you guess what he say? He said that “Beer or me?” =)) and u know what’s they said? “Both of that” =)) so brave as that man is a “big fish” 😀


We were in Yến stream, so cool, kakakaka….Look like monkeys WOW

I want to say more and more and more about my trip, Huong pagoda but this time I can’t have enough words to say so stop here, wait next time I will have more emotion to say…Bye for now…see u next time 😉


~ by ngadt on March 13, 2008.

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